Frequently Asked Questions

$10 Same Day Delivered is likely something that you’ve never heard before. You might be a little skeptical of we can deliver what we promise and you might have a few questions.

Our team has compiled some of the frequently asked questions here along with their answers for you.

  • How much does it cost?
    Same Day Delivered starts from $10 per delivery which includes 10 kilometres, as per driving route, and 10 minutes for pickup and delivery.
  • Are there additional charges?
    Additional kilometres are 20 cents per kilometre.
  • What sort of times can you move?
    We can move items classified small or medium or as a rule of thumb can fit in a car.
  • Can you move large and heavy items?
    Yes, we can move larger items with our vans, trays and light trucks however you will need to select a standard or express service.
  • When is this service available?
    Same Day Delivered is available business days for all bookings before 4pm.
  • Is there a delivery time frame?
    No, we offer delivery the same day. If you have a delivery time frame please upgrade to a standard or express service.
  • Is there tracking provided?
    No, we do not provide real time tracking. However we do provide proof of delivery,
    commonly a signature or a verification photo, along with notification once your delivery has been completed.
  • How do I know if I should partner with you?
    We understand that choosing a reliable delivery partner can be a challenge. Please check out our customer reviews for peace of mind we will look after you and your business like all of our clients.
  • Are there minimum volumes my business must send to qualify for this service?
    No, at this stage as we launching our service we are inviting all businesses, small and large, to partner with us.
  • Is there a cost to open an account?
    No, all businesses, who have a registered ABN can open an account for free here.
  • Are there account keeping fees or additional charges?
    No, we do not charge account keeping fees.
  • What happens if there are any issues?
    The best thing about our service is our customer support. We are available to answer any of your questions, issues or discuss solutions during 8am and 6pm on business days. We are here to help you!