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#1 Reliable – we’ll get it delivered as we understand our ability to put a smile on YOUR customers face is not only our reputation on the line but ALSO your businesses reputation!

#2 Timely – for all bookings within our coverage areas, booked before 4pm, we guarantee delivery the Same Day!

#3 Affordable – have you noticed its $10 Same Day Delivered!

Why ask your customers to wait?

Beat your competition by giving potential customers what they irresistibly want – their orders in their hands faster.

Give your customers utmost convenience and peace of mind of being able to get their items delivered safely to their door.

Stand out from the crowd market place and provide your customers with the best delivery experience available.

You’re probably thinking that you could charge your customers a premium price for a same day courier – in fact you might already offer that. If they are really excited to use their new equipment, enjoy the products purchased or simply need a time critical gift for their partner, child or pet they should be prepared to cover the cost for such a service. Businesses that desperately need important equipment, supplies, stationary or documents in time for an important work event will have no choice but to pay more – that’s just how it works. Don’t forget with a same day courier business if you call up after 1pm they will then helpfully ‘upgrade’ the service for an even greater extra cost with the fine print that it may not even get there that day if they can’t find a free driver. Of course on the other hand customers can pay a slightly lower price and patiently wait for their item, checking the website tracking system to see if it’s changed each day, for their new purchases to arrive 3-5 business days later (hopefully) – and as you’ve come to pitch it on your website what’s simply known as ‘the next week delivery’ option. And finally of course your ready to buy customer that really needs their items now can do some ‘hard work’ and come pick it up right? Click ‘n’ collect sounds catchy and after all they want it so badly!

Let’s stop living in the past. It’s time Melbourne businesses and their customers got their online purchases the same day they order them.

$10 Same Day Delivered – that’s our service promise being offered to you!

Do you sell online already?

Partner your business with trusted experts with any of the following platforms along with any others that assist you to completed your sales online.

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